About Csgo Ranking

CS:GO’s ranking system is a wonderful possibility to value the player`s skills if compared with the rest of the gamers in opposing matchmaking.
Counter-Strike’s competitive ranks vary from the initial to elite ones like many esports games. There will be lots of emotions within the whole game. You can really enjoy the competition after your rank will become higher.

You can start hating the game after you lose it. The newbies can irritate you with their unintelligence. The elite players can drive you to hysterics by their skills.

Your rank or how well other players advance during the competition don`t matter. The main thing is that you will want to spend time on improving your results for CS:GO to become the most enjoyable. The Distinguished Master Guardian (dmg csgo) will impress you if you start playing it.

How to get the needed rank?

If you have never played CSGO yet, then you`ll need much time to get your first stripes. The level system ranges from one to forty. It`s a rewarding system for attaining cosmetic skin drops and various service medals.

The latter change their colour every forty times you rank up in a certain year. For unlocking the competitive matchmaking you must reach the second level playing at any game modes created by Valve: the Demolition, Arms Race, Casual or Deathmatch. Getting to the second level lets you to matchmaking, where everything best of CS:GO is.

Your rank isn`t shown until you win ten competitive matches. There also will be mixed games with players from different ranks, but often rivals are initiated on the initial ranks.

When playing on a new account you`ll have only two competitive wins each day until you gain your tenth.

Valve did it on purpose not to allow using the smurfs by top-ranked players. However they smurf all the same. You can achieve your rank on the fifth day of matchmaking. After winning ten competitive matches you`ll see your skill group under the tenth in-game scoreboard.

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