CS Boost

There is a very effective cs servers boost and favoured way of attracting new gamers on the server. So how does the cs boost system function?
There is nothing difficult in it. Some sites distribute NON-STEAM Counter-Strike game client that has an installed MasterServer. The latter helps to send the list of CS servers.

Where is the game instead of the server list of cs boost?

Just start Counter-Strike game (use a double click for the shortcut on your desktop). Then you must click “Find servers” button and choose “Internet”.

There you`ll find CS Server’s list.

Every day there appear hundreds of new CS gamers from different countries of the world. All of them are advertised in the server. Later your server will be boosted, its popularity will increase with every coming day.

Some recommendations for you to follow

  1. It`s better not to use COUNTRY KICKER plugin.
  2. Make certain that the virtual private server, where your CS server internet connection is, is steady and has a high quality.
  3. If HIGH PING KICKER plugin is installed on your server, set the maximum ping from 200 to 250 players.
  4. Reduce the quantity of files the server can send to the minimum.
  5. Determine, that your server motd.txt file is not too big and that its content is in order.
  6. It`s better to refuse from the slowhack plugin (as an autoconnect, a GameMenu and so on). It can cause “a reliable channel overflow” error.
  7. Try to use cs boost services. It`s one of the quickest ways of making your server popular.
  8. If there are a couple of players on your server, there is no need to change the map into a bigger one.

For instance, if only 2-10 gamers are playing right now on your server, don`t change the map into de_nuke, cs_assault, as_oilrig or any other of that kind. It`s much wiser to use the plugin, that automatically changes a large map to a smaller one in these situations.

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