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If you read this article, it means you are searching for the answer to your question. So let`s consider your problem.

The truth is that the original creator understood he had made a cool map after some testers had received it. He wanted to realize his plan. He intended to call it de_dust 3, as the third parts of films leave much to be desired. Indeed, it was really so! Though he`s made up his mind not to be too sarcastic and added the “2” to the name.

Can you imagine this? The legendary Counter-Strike location could have had another name!

Nonetheless, it can boast a rich history, and, probably, this is the thing, which makes it so one-of-a-kind. Do you want more exciting stories? Then you may open the CSGO account boosting page.

Today almost all profitable projects have their own interesting history. And it`s not only about the plot. Each game is much more deeper than its main story line. For example, one can find Easter eggs in nearly any current game. There are various trifles like the developers` pictures or the photos of their children or pets. Also you can see references to other universes.

Many players are impressed by the creativity of all the above-mentioned.

Especially when the secret areas and objects arrange a network.

One particular MMORPG has the next aim: every player who succeeds to discover all the Easter eggs, gets a very benevolent prize. I am sure all of you know this game perfectly well.

Despite the fact that a hidden quest and the achievement are rather difficult to cope with, Husky offers a low-priced World of Warcraft boost to alleviate your task.

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